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Introduction to Emergency Dentistry

When you’re going through a dental emergency, with the potential for the problem to grow more painful or drastic or even result in a situation with medical complications, it’s time to see your dentist without delay. No one should have to put up with extreme pain when help from a professional dentist is so readily available in your neighborhood.

From illnesses to injuries and accidents, we’ve seen all types of dental emergencies and have the experience, knowledge and training to quickly address any problem you may have.

And in this era of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 infections, patients who want to avoid the hospital emergency room for dental problems will want to find a reputable emergency dentist in San Pedro, such as Dr. Sam Zaker at Smile Emporium.


Common Reasons for Needing an Emergency Dental Visit

There are many situations under which you or a loved one will wind up needing immediate emergency dental care. Come see us immediately in case of an emergency so we can remedy the situation. 

Examples of the most common emergencies that can trigger a visit to the dentist’s chair include:

  • Sports injury has knocked out a tooth or teeth. This is a frequent occurrence, from students playing basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and hockey, as well as people who practice martial arts.
  • Toothache that persists even after you rinse your mouth out, floss, and brush
  • Damage to the mouth during an automobile accident
  • Braces have come loose or have been broken
  • Infection causing an abscess
  • Gum disease prompting gums to actually recede to expose the roots and teeth
  • Cavity in a tooth that has grown to the point where a root canal is needed
  • Fighting with an opponent or during a crime
  • Cracked or broken tooth after accidentally biting into a foreign object
  • You have lost a filling or a crown has come off
  • Injury to the cheek, gums or tongue causing bleeding that does not cease

This list of emergency dental situations is by no means comprehensive. If you have a dental problem that you are not sure about, it’s best to play it safe and give us a call to see what treatment we can offer for your particular situation.

Common Emergency Dental Procedures

A leading dentistry professional, Dr. Zaker is well versed in all modern aspects of surgical procedures to correct dental procedures. You can be confident in his knowledge and experience. 

Remember that if you visit an emergency room first for your pressing dental needs, the staff of an ER is not qualified to conduct certain dental emergencies, such as repairing broken teeth or doing a full root canal.

Common procedures performed under emergency dental conditions in our office include:

  • Apply new cement to bridges, crowns or veneers
  • Pulling a problematic, painful tooth
  • Perform emergency root canal
  • Fix a filling that has been lost or cracked
  • Repair a tooth that is profoundly chipped or broken
  • Replace a missing tooth or teeth
  • Fix dentures that have broken

Arrange for Emergency Dentistry Services From the Best Dentist in San Pedro

With a dental emergency, there is no time to waste. Fortunately for the residents of the greater San Pedro area and the surrounding region, the team at Smile Emporium is standing by to assist with all emergency dental care issues. 

You may be experiencing pain or distress with a sudden tooth emergency, but relief is just a quick phone call away. Led by Dr. Zaker, Smile Emporium is dedicated to the health and well being of every patient who comes through our doors. If you are having a dental emergency now and need immediate relief, set up an appointment and call us now at (424) 224-7300.

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