Dentures & Partial Dentures

Dentures & Partial Dentures in San Pedro

There are numerous reasons why people might be missing teeth. Some people might be missing teeth due to an injury that took place recently. Other people might be missing teeth because of a disease that could be present in their mouths. Regardless, when there are missing teeth, this makes it hard to speak, bite, and chew. As a San Pedro dentist, we are here to make sure that everyone has options available to them. One option is called affordable dentures. Take a look at some of the helpful information below from Smile Emporium!

An Overview of Dentures and Partial Dentures

There are multiple types of dentures that people might get. One of the most common types is called full dentures. Full dentures are a set of replacements for missing teeth that have been custom made to fit the individual. Usually, they require all of the teeth in the upper or lower half of the mouth to be removed. After these teeth are removed, the gums have to be able to heal over before dentures can be fitted.

Partial Dentures are a helpful alternative that some people might require. This could be good for people who still have teeth present in the mouth. It is a good idea for patients to understand the differences between full dentures and partial dentures that they can make a decision that is right for them. 

Dentures and Partial Dentures

What Are the Differences Between Full Dentures and Partial Dentures?

There are a few differences to know between full dentures and partial dentures. Partial dentures are still made from the same material as full dentures. This material is usually color to blend in with the rest of the mouth and it has an acrylic base. Partial dentures are meant to be removed at night before going to bed. Both sets of dentures are designed to soak in cleaning fluid overnight to ensure they remain clean. The biggest difference between full dentures and partials dentures is that partial dentures are usually only designed to fit one half of the mouth. In contrast, full dentures fit the entire mouth. 

The Benefits of Dentures

There are a few major benefits of dentures that everyone should know. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Dentures are designed to complete someone’s smile, meaning that this will improve their appearance 
  • As a result, people will also experience improve self-esteem as well 
  • Dentures can provide adequate support for facial muscles, ensuring that people do not get tired at the end of the day 
  • The support that is provided by dentures can drastically improve someone’s ability to feet, speed, and shoe
  • With dentures, people are able to eat food that they otherwise might not be able to 

These are just a few of the major benefits that dentures can provide

How To Take Care of Dentures

When people get dentures, it is important to make sure that they take care of them. First, it is important to always remove and rinse dentures after eating a meal. When handling dentures, it is important to do so carefully. After removing Dentures, people need to make sure that they clean their mouths. Furthermore, everyone needs to make sure that they brush their dentures at least once per day. Overnight, dentures should soak in cleaning fluid. Make sure to rinse dentures thoroughly before putting them back in the mouth. 

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