Dental Check-ups

Dental Check-ups in San Pedro

If you’ve been searching for a friendly and affordable San Pedro dentist for dental checkups, you’ve come to the right place! Smile Emporium is designed to be your one-stop-shop for all major dentistry needs, from routine dental check-ups to appointments for emergency dentist services.

Introduction to Dental Check-ups

What happens at a dental check-up? The check-up has two parts, consisting of examination and cleaning.

During the check-up procedure, your dentist will examine each tooth for signs of cavities. Expect that X-rays will be taken, get the best view. The dental professional will also check if you have plaque or tartar on the teeth (plaque consists of a clear layer of bacteria and if it is not removed, can turn into a build-up of tartar). Left untreated, the result can be an oral disease.

The dentist also examines your gums for any evidence of gum disease, based on how big the spaces are between the gums and your teeth. Finally, you will be checked for signs of illness such as swelling or redness in your throat or tongue.

Once the examination has concluded, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, with particular attention to removing any stubborn, built-up tartar in a process known as scaling. 

Your dentist may remind you about the best techniques for flossing and brushing your teeth to help improve your dental health.

How to Prepare for a Dental check-up

If it’s your first visit, make sure to bring your insurance and payment information. Your dentist will want to see a list of all medications you take, with the schedule and dosage listed. You should be prepared to mention any allergies you might have to medications too. When you sign in, you’ll be asked for your dental history, such as if you have had braces or tooth extraction or a history of gum disease.

It’s prudent to confirm the time of your appointment. Aim to get sufficient sleep the night before, so you will be at your best.

Before your appointment, remember to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out. Your oral hygienist and dentist will be thankful!

Common Dental Check-up Services Offered by Your Dentist in San Pedro 

Your dentist in San Pedro, Dr. Sam Zaker, offers a wide range of services for checking the state of your oral health and taking care of any potential problems. The most common services provided include:

* X-ray exams: these are necessary to visualize any problems, such as tooth decay

* Cleaning: a professional cleaning at your dentist helps to keep your mouth healthy in between check-up visits

* Polishing: for a clean and pleasant appearing smile, our professionals provide teeth polishing services during your check-up

* Minor Repairs: any minor repairs, such as a filling can typically be handled on the same day as your check-up appointment

How Often Should You Get a Dental Check-up?

Every patient is different and will require a specialized schedule of care. For many individuals, a trip to the dentist should occur at least once per year. 

If you have particular dental issues that merit more frequent attention, the dentist may recommend you come in twice a year or some other interval that will be determined after an examination and consultation.

Book an Appointment With Your Preferred Dentist in San Pedro Today!

After having a consultation with Dr. Sam Zaker, you’ll see why we’re we’re the best dentist in San Pedro. We’re proud of the excellent reputation we’ve developed in the local community for the wide range of services we offer, from family dentistry to dental veneers to emergency dental work and everything in between. It’s important for your health to have dental checkups on a regular basis. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve sat in the dentist’s chair, now would be the perfect opportunity to make an appointment for a check-up at your local dentist’s office. To book an appointment, contact us or give us a call at (424) 677-0434 today.

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