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There are a number of events that seem like rites of passage for teenagers and one of them involves braces. When it comes to braces, most teenagers are used to having them in a few of their school pictures; however, some teens and parents might not quite know what braces are for. At Smile Emporium, we are a San Pedro dentist and we are here to help everyone with their oral health needs. This includes braces. Take a look below at how a dentist in San Pedro can help your child with his or her braces.

What Are Braces and What Do They Do?

First, it is important to define what braces are. Most people know that braces are the metal brackets and wires that sit on the teeth; however, people might not know exactly what they do. The brackets are attached to the surfaces of each individual tooth using cement. Then, the brackets are connected together using a wire. The wire is held in place using small bands that can usually be tailored to match whatever color the patient desires. 

Our team of Dentists in San Pedro along with our highly trained staff provide our patients with every service a dental office can provide under one roof. We specialize in General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Orthodontics such as braces and more!

Are Braces Normally Covered by Insurance?

The good news for children and their parents is that braces are normally covered by insurance; however, they are not covered by health insurance. They are usually covered by dental insurance, which is also called orthodontic insurance. This type of insurance usually provides benefits for braces. Families might still have to pay a deductible in order to get the dental insurance company to kick in the rest; however, this insurance should also cover other services such as dental visits, retainers, and other expenses that might be tied to getting braces. At Smile Emporium, we understand that many families have questions about the financial side of braces. We are here to help with that. We will work with families to make braces affordable.

The Benefits of Getting Braces

There are a number of significant benefits that teens will enjoy when they get braces. These include:

  • All patients will have an improved smile thanks to straighter teeth
  • It will be easier for children to brush their teeth once their teeth are straight
  • Cavities and gingivitis will be reduced because it will be easier to access all surfaces of the teeth
  • With a straight smile, teens and children will enjoy a boost to their self-esteem

These are just a few of the many benefits that come with getting braces. At Smile Emporium, we provide all families with a dentist in San Pedro who can help with braces.

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If you are looking for a dentist who can help your child with braces, then look no further than Smile Emporium. At Smile Emporium, we have become the leading provider of braces in the San Pedro area. Our patients enjoy:

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  • A dentist who takes the time to answer all questions
  • A dentist who provides high-quality care using the latest techniques and products

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